Quantum Touch Therapy


I had the very distinct pleasure of having Jason work on me in early Dec 2017.  He very quickly corrected a spinal/posture problem I’d carried since the early 90’s after spinal surgery.  My hips were dramatically out of alignment and to feel “things” move back into place was great, for the 1st time in decades I could feel an even weight distribution in my feet.

HOWEVER, the most incredible and amazing result was feeling my Maxilla and Zygomatic (facial bones) move back into alignment.  I had suffered severe facial trauma some 7 years and to have that essentially disappear completely was beyond description.  The term mind blowing doesn’t come close.

Thanks again Jason, the amount of energy shared, captured and transferred between us was outstanding!

Stewart H, Brisbane Dec 2017.


I had an energetic healing session with Jason after some long weeks of travelling and carting luggage left me with a badly aching neck and hip out of alignment.

I could feel subtle energy flows while Jason was working intuitively on different areas over 30 minutes. While there was some noticeable improvement after the session, the real benefits appeared to manifest overnight and the following day when the pain resolved completely and I was able to move with ease again. The results were lasting.

I am a Thai Shiatsu practitioner and energy worker and have been used to energy healing work over many decades. I would happily recommend Jason’s healing work and ability to discern and heal energy patterns.

Paul Mischefski

Spiritual Counselor



“My intuition has improved.”
“My consciousness reached a higher level.”
It “has been a big 3 days at work. My wrists are great, usually I’m in pain by now.”
“I was asking the universe to send me a healer to remove the blockage I knew I had. Then you appeared. Wonderful. Thanks again.”

R.C., beauty therapist and Access Consciousness ( Access Bars) practitioner.


I love that you’re reading this and I hope we can connect in some form.

You can read all about my journey on the about page here

In brief – nearly 10 years in robes as a Buddhist monk (Theravada Thai Forest tradition, in Australia) along with gaining qualifications as a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach (through Robbins-Madanes training) and a Quantum Touch Practitioner.

Practicing Quantum Touch has been amazing, and is a continuing journey into what is possible through the power of love.

I am clair-sentient – I feel with my body (and my heart), it becomes like one big instrument for tuning into the client. With my hands that soften tight and contracted muscles with only light (or no) touch, strong energy sensing and clearing abilities and the power of Quantum Touch I can help you make changes in your life to bring you to  a new level of wellness and well-being.

My ideal client is you! Because in reading this, you are saying “I am ready for change, I am open to change, I am seeking change”. You may be tight and sore, certainly you are in need of relaxation, rest and rejuvenation. Perhaps you are blocked on some level and seek to simply let that go. Please know that  you are on your way to greater clarity and freedom, just with that intention.

Please get in touch, I’d love to have the opportunity to help you.

Wishing you love, peace and wisdom,