I’d like to let you know a little about my story, so you can see and feel who I am and how I live.

After school in Shepparton, Victoria, I moved to Melbourne to go to La Trobe University.

I graduated in 1992 with a double major Psychology/Sociology and 1st Class Honours in Sociology.

After working for Telstra for a few years as a Customer Service Rep I traveled overseas with my girlfriend at the time for 2 years, of which over a year was spent living and working in London.

On my return I got a job with a small software development company, eventually I became a software tester, and then lead a small team of testers.

After seeing the Dalai Lama in Melbourne in 2002 however I gained faith in the Buddhist path to enlightenment and started to go to a local Buddhist centre. There I was happier than anywhere else on earth (even if I was digging stump holes in the heat!) and after a couple of meditation retreats where my faith and inspiration deepened considerably I gave up my job, my house, my relationship, possessions and my (newish) car. I packed everything I owned into an old second-hand car and drove across the Nullabor to Bodhinyana Monastery to seek the truth.

At Bodhinyana I ordained as a Buddhist monk (you can read about my life at Bodhinyana here). After 7 years at Bodhinyana I moved to Wat Buddha Dhamma, near Wisemans Ferry, Sydney.

All up, I was in robes very nearly 10 years, and trained in monasteries nearly 11 years in total.

The training stays with you though, and I keep the 5 Precepts – 5 moral guidelines for not hurting yourself or others. These are:

To abstain from:

  • Killing living beings
  • Stealing
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Lying
  • Intoxicating drink and drugs

I need to add that when I worked for a hotel I did when necessary set out traps, baits and so on for mice and cockroaches.

After I disrobed (in 2014) I went out on the road, living out of backpacks and wwoofing (wwoof.com.au) up and down the East coast from Coffs Harbour to the Sunshine Coast. I spent as much time as I could in Intentional Communities, both large and small. These are communities where the land is owned by the group as a whole, not by the members individually. Decisions, too, are made by the group as a whole. I learnt a great deal about community – its joys and its perils! – from this time. Since Uni days I have a passion for living sustainably, and as a wwoofer I also learnt how vitally important it is to grow organically if we are to live sustainably.

After 15 months on the road as a wwoofer, and some amazing and joyous experiences ( and some painful challenges!) I settled on Tamborine Mountain, Qld, where I worked for a small resort hotel doing anything and everything required – mowing the lawns, cleaning the pool, doing the dishes, stripping your sheets, planting lovely flowers, anything…

After 18 months on the mountain I was made redundant. After following what showed up next (& my heart) I ended up, to my eternal joy, in Kuranda, on the Atherton Tablelands above Cairns. There I wwoofed for a raw vegan lifestyle sanctuary, developed my healing further and was absolutely ‘in service’ to the highest good.

Now the journey continues, presently i am in Northern NSW near Murwillumbah.

As a monk I was fortunate enough to spontaneously develop a healing modality which I call Integrative Flow. It is an energy-based bodywork which softens and relaxes tense and painful muscles and integrates them with all the surrounding muscles.

I am a qualified Quantum Touch practitioner. Quantum Touch is a life-force-energy based modality a little bit like Reiki. Now I combine Quantum Touch with my Integrative Flow bodywork.

I am inspired also by Tony Robbins and his amazing ability to transform lives, and so I trained as a Strategic Intervention Coach through Robbins-Madanes training, becoming a certified Strategic Intervention Coach.

My intention is that you “embody your true Potential, realize your Freedom and Joyously sing your own Heart’s Song.”

My passions are, first and foremost, the love that is naturally in our hearts and shared between us as humans, and with the animals and the wider planetary eco-system. The love, the care and support, that is just ‘built-in’ to the way things work. Buddhism taught me this, and energy healing and life-coaching just affirm and confirms it.

This primary passion expresses itself in my passion for wellness, for organics and sustainability, for community living and for empowering your life.

We grow because anything that is not growing is, in fact, dying. As we grow we grow ever closer to the truth, grow closer in every aspect of our being to the way things truly are. This congruency and alignment between how we live and how things truly are is my ultimate passion and I believe love is the highest expression of how things truly are. This alignment and congruency and the presence of love, empathy and compassion in one’s heart is the marker of a well-lived life.

So – love to you all,

To your joy,